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Declutter your new kitchen

In the constant rush of daily life, it’s easy for clutter to build up over time. Without careful planning and organisation of the space in your kitchen, items can easily pile up in cupboards and spill onto your worktop.  However, with some innovative storage tips and ideas, all those kitchen utensils and supplies can have their place and be easily in reach for when they are needed. We’re here to help you make the most of all the space! Here are some tips and solutions for you to implement, some of which you may not have even realised existed.

1. Midway storage

Wall mounted midway storage components can be neatly fitted to the wall or splash back in between the normally wasted space of your worktop and wall cupboard. There are many different storage solutions, all customisable to your needs.
A knife block can be a safe place to store knives easily in reach, a foil roll holder can make foil and film easily accessible for wrapping up those dinner leftovers and a top mounted shelf can be ideal to store for commonly used ingredients and small items. The worktop can then be left clear for preparing meals – perfect!

2. Corner units

Once pots and pans have been pushed to the back of the cupboard, it’s not always easy to reach in and grab the item you need. However, pull out cantilever corners are the ideal solution for optimal space utilisation with a clear overview of what is in the cupboard- and is always within easy reach.

3. Pull out waste bins

Why put up with having a smelly bin out on display? With pull out waste and recycling bins, these can be neatly tucked away and cleverly integrated within your kitchen.

4. Tall larder units

Every kitchen needs a basic supply of ingredients – pasta, rice, ketchup, emergency teabags are just a few examples. Instead of having a specific place for these household essentials, they are normally scattered across a wide selection of cupboards. We then lose track of what we have, where we’ve put it or simply forget we have it at all, resulting in buying duplicates and even more clutter. How do we resolve this issue? A tall larder unit! The larder is playing a greater role in kitchens. Everything can be stored in one easily accessible place, so that you’re no longer looking in all those different cupboards for those missing ingredients! Also, by being able to pull the tall unit fully out, you can reach those tins and spices at the back of the unit, so they’ll no longer be lost and forgotten about. Add soft close hinges and drawer runners for a smooth opening and closing of your unit,

5. Utilise your islands

If you’re lucky enough to be able to fit an island into your kitchen, these can optimised to include a neat open plate rack or an open feature unit to show off those bowls which are saved for special occasions. 

6. Hide those unsightly power points

A contemporary flip over power point is the perfect addition for any kitchen, meaning there’s no longer the need for long extension wires to plug food mixers in to the nearest power point in the wall! It discretely flips over for when it’s not in use and sits flush on the worktop. When closed, it creates a seamless additional working space.

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