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The stylish way to hide away your media cables

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For many of us the mass of cables and controls around the TV seems to have a life of its own and continues to grow uncontrollably! If you are looking for a stylish solution to hide away all of the paraphernalia that comes with TVs and smart boxes then look no further than the new media furniture from Trend Interiors.

This clever range offers an ideal solution if your kitchen is also a living area and you want to hide away the mess.

The media furniture coordinates beautifully with the Trend kitchen furniture and stores not just the TV but all the other hardware, cable and wiring that comes with a multimedia centre. It is a complete versatile storage solution that can be personalised for each and every home.

It is so easy to select your perfect solution from the choice of back panels, wall units, drawers, shelving and cabinets.  It can be installed at the same time as a new kitchen and all the design and installation will be carried out by the kitchen retailer.

Not only can you hide all of the cables and mess from sight but you can also ditch all of the controls as you have full control of all devices from just one remote, even when all the doors are closed.

With 23 fashionable finishes that include matt woodgrains, matt foil, gloss and painted gloss, there is sure to be one that you love.

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